Rustic Campfire Bench With Basic Tools

Rustic Campfire Bench With Basic Tools

Making a rustic bench is a lot easier than it looks. and if placed on dirt can be made, leveled and set up in upder 20 minutes with just a couple basic tools. A perfect project for a campfire when out in the bush!

This particular bench was made about 3 miles into a beautiful trail running path. and is a fantastic spot to stop and look out over the valley. Friends of mine brought this log up from almost 1.5 miles away and it has been sitting there called a bench but has been missing legs for years. it was my time to fix that.

So I loaded up a few tools and a camera and went out to document the bit of fun in the woods.

Tools Needed:


Adjustable Bit:

Chisel Set:

Hand saw:

Supplies needed:


and a smaller log (almost a stick)

Just go running in the woods. You will find them.

Step 1: Locating the Supplies

Most any woods is going to need what you want. the Park I normally run at allowed me to go do this but check with the park authority to make sure it is ok with them first. you can also pick up logs from along side the road if they are left in the ROW. here is the part where you have to use your imagination. logs are often split with a flat side from a lightning strike or wind storm. but if you cant find one with a semi flat top then a round log will work fine.

For the legs, I am looking for sticks about 2″ in diameter. you want them to be strong and recently fallen so there is little or no rot.

Final Result:

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