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Picture of Rope Bridge BookshelfPicture of Rope Bridge Bookshelf

The rope bridge bookshelf lets books have a relaxed home when they’re not being read. It can be rough being opened and left in all sorts of locations during the reading process and the books have earned a nice break.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies


  1. Statlig board from Ikea
  2. Ekby Bjarnum shelf holder pair from Ikea
  3. paracord
  4. steel washers


  1. Miter saw
  2. Drill press
  3. Lighter

Step 2: Chop

Picture of Chop

Using the miter saw, cut the wood into several pieces. With the board I had I got:

  • 2x 2.5″ pieces
  • 11x 2″ pieces

Step 3: Drill

Picture of Drill

Using the drill press I drilled out pairs of holes in all of the pieces. I clamped a couple of pieces of wood to the drill press to make sure that all of the holes would be aligned correctly.

Step 4: Start the Paracord

Picture of Start the Paracord

Cut off two lengths of paracord and singe the ends with your lighter to prevent fraying. Tie a knot in one end and start feeding it through the pieces of wood.

To make the knots extra secure, use the lighter to melt the knot into a gooey mass.

Step 5: Washers

Picture of Washers

String the cord through all of the pieces of wood, using the steel washers as spacers. I used three for each gap.

Step 6: Add the Bracket

Picture of Add the Bracket

Use the included hardware that came with the Ekby Bjarnum to attach the bracket to the wood.

Step 7: Hang It Up!

Picture of Hang It Up!Picture of Hang It Up!

Find a nice spot for your bookshelf and install it! I used a few drywall anchors to keep everything nice and secure.

Now find some books that deserve a nice rest and put them down on it.

Originally published by fungus amungus | License

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