Lasercut Cardboard Lampshade

Lasercut Cardboard Lampshade

This awesome lampshade is made out nothing but cardboard! Our company designs and produces lampshades like this one, and I want to share how we make them.

These types of lampshades are wonderful for many reasons. The main one being of course that it doesn’t cost much to produce, and that it can be made entirely out of recycled cardboard. Another great aspect of these lampshades is the fact that the design is highly adaptable.

Warning: this Instrucable includes the use of a laser cutter, this type machinery can be very dangerous if not used properly. Always follow the operating instructions and safety precautions that are provided with the machine.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials & Tools

Gathering the materials can be quite easy if you choose to use recycled cardboard, if you choose to use new/unused cardboard you will have to find a store (or shipping company) that sells cardboard sheets in large enough sizes. If you want to use old shipping boxes make sure they are clean and unprinted.

– Cardboard sheet

There are plenty of different types of cardboard out there to make things very confusing! whether using recycled or new cardboard it is important that the cardboard is clean, undamaged (including folds!) and preferably around 5mm or 0.2 inches thick. This thickness is ideal because the laser can cut through it but it saves time because you need to cut less layers. We used two 3mm cardboard pallet divider sheets glued together with wood glue to make a 6mm layer. If you sheet doesn’t fit on the machine, cut it in half with a box knife.

– Wood glue (or cardboard glue)

– Lamp socket E27 (with a screw ring to secure the lampshade)
We used a socket from Ikea. They are cheap, good quality and readily available. Note: if you choose white, it might get smudged by the soot stains on the cardboard after cutting.

– Optional: Fire retardant spray for cardboard
Not necessary but recommended. We treat all of our lamps with fire retardant spray.

– Box knife
To separate cardboard that didn’t get cut all the way.

– Laser cutter
If you don’t have your own you can get a laser cutting service to do it for you. Feel free to contact us about using our laser cutting service.

– 3D design software
We used 3D builder, a free windows app

– Adobe Illustrator

– Autodesk Fusion 360 with (free!) slicer plugin

Final Result:

Step 6: Final ThoughsStep 6: Final Thoughs

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