DIY Attic Radiant Barrier

DIY Attic Radiant Barrier

DIY Attic Radiant Barrier

How-to for a cheap homemade radiant barrier for your attic. Radiant barriers battle the problem of emissivity in attics. When the sun beats down on the roof the shingles store energy then slowly gives that energy out in the form of radiant energy. So if you had a widget that could reflect that radiant energy away from the ceiling and back into the roof you could essentially reduce attic temperatures, therefore reducing your air conditioning load and save MONEY.

Step 1: Items and Tools

To make the radiant barrier you will need a small list of easy to find items. This list started me out and I made 240 square feet of radiant barrier. The limiting factor is the spray adhesive. The can says that it coveres 220sq.ft. but I was using double that rate. This made approximately ten 12’X2′ (24sq.ft.) lengths.


1 Roll 36″ X 33.3 yards painters Masking Paper (hardware store)

2 rolls of 12″ X 75′ generic aluminum foil (grocery store)

2 cans of 3M Super 77 spray adhesive (hardware store)


Tape Measure


Razor Blade

Staple gun w/staples

Final Result:


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