Motorized Screw Organizer With Jam Jars: the Caroustore

I suggest to you a practical and original system to find your hardware (screws, nails, bolts …): a carousel of 32 jam jar, motorized with…

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Laser Cut Machinist Toolbox

Last year, I started acquiring more precision measuring tools and decided to build a toolbox to safely store everything. Due to time constraints I decided…

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CARTIS: the TARDIS Crafting Cart

The CARTIS (“Crafts And Related Tools In Storage”) is a combined wheeled cart and workbench, inspired by the TARDIS in Doctor Who, that can easily…

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Stacking Shop Hardware Organizer

For years I have used small drawers, bins, tin cans, boxes, and pill bottles. This is good storage space, but when it comes time to…

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Handy PVC Tool Tote

There’s a set of tools I use for about 95% of my projects. With this set, I can complete the majority of my projects with…

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Mobile Tool Rack From Flat Pack Shelves

Face it, in your shop there are tools that you seem to need for almost every job. And yet you are constantly having to go…

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Portable Outdoor Workshop – Power Tool Tote Board

Without a garage space for an indoor workshop, I have to lug all my tools outside whenever I want to do any cutting or sanding.…

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DIYers PVC Organizer Workbench/Table

Well being a DIY enthusiast PVC is the material of choice for me in almost all of my DIY Projects. Due to the flexibility, reliability…

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Up-cycled Power Drill and Bits Holder

In this tutorial, we’ll see how we can use an old piece of wood and plywood board to make a wall mounted drill machine &…

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DIY Adjustable Belt Sander

Hello friends… In this article I’ll will be discussing how to make a DIY belt sander. Actually I never had an intention to make one…

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Philosophy of Shop Organization

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s a great thought, but for it to work, you have a place for everything –…

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Recirculating Air Spray Booth

The construction of this spray booth happened out of necessity , I am responsible for the design and construct all the cabinetry for our custom…

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Custom Tool Wall

Work space organization should be a top priority for any maker. Having a very small workshop/garage that I share with my car, utilizing every surface…

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1 Girl, 2 Days, Loads of Storage

My garage was in desperate need of some organization. As a teacher, I’m out for the summer and decided to use some of my time…

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French Cleat Workshop Organization

I’ve always found keeping my tools easily accessible and visible to be a challenge. When I moved into my new workshop, I looked for a…

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After setting up my workplace near to my house I found it really helpful doing DIY projects,as you have all the tools and supplies arranged…

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