How to Tie a Figure 8 on a Bight

  The Figure 8 on a Bight knot is a popular knot used in the fire service. It is very versatile, and easily tied with gloved hands. There are also multiple applications for this knot outside of the fire service. The only thing that you will…
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How to Start a Fire Using Flint and Steel

  Please note that this should only be done with parental supervision. Starting a fire indoors can lead to building fires. Always perform outdoors.       Step 1: Find the Right Location            …
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Casting Your Own Skull Table Top S’more Firepit

  I love S’mores. They make me happy. Especially when they’re made over a campfire in the middle of the woods on a camping trip. Mmm, those taste the best! Second best is over a bbq following a huge hamburger or rib roast. Also…
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Make Fire Without Matches or Lighter! Steelwool + Battery = Sparks Flames Fire

  quick way to start a fire when you have no lighter and no matches. *as a bonus, i've included written instructions on how to start a fire with a magnifying glass Step 1: Watch Short Video… (1 Min. Long)     Step 2: Read…
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Bow – the Bike Wheel Bow

Could not find one of these anywhere – put it into Google but no joy – – guess I better make one myself. Rigid frame. Good power output. No knock required on arrows. Longer draw than a standard bow. Accurate. So very! light. Simple…
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How to Build the Perfect Zombie Survival Kit…

So you want to learn how to build an excellent zombie survival kit, and honestly your best bet would be to read zombie survival guide by max brooks. However if you lack time, funds or are just lazy I'll cut to the chase and give you a quick,…
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How to Make Coconut Oil From Scratch…

  Assume you are stranded on a tropical island. You have made a temporary shelter, found a source of drinking water, learned how to catch fish, identified edible plants and also learned how to make fire. One think which you will not find in…
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Paracord Watchband/bracelet With a Side Release Buckle

This tutorial will show how to make a paracord watchband with a side release buckle using the alternate half-hitch. It can also be made without a watch for use as a paracord bracelet, or on a larger scale as a dog or cat collar.…
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Stitch Yourself Shut- Surgery at Home.

Perform surgery at home. This I'ble will show you how to stitch up a wound. It will provide guidelines to follow, as to assist you in performing your own surgery at home. This I'ble does not substitute for a…
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Making a Really Simple Rabbit Trap

Even in the urban garden Rabbits are a real problem. Many people dislike the thought of shooting or it may not be practical if close to houses so a  live trap is a good alternative. In this instructable I will show how to make a simple and…
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How to Make Strike Anywhere Matches

You will need: Safety matches (with matchbox), sanding paper, a small container, something to stir with, a pair of pliers, a tube or a D-cell battery, and water. You will also need something to lay the matches on, like a the edge of a table or this…
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Airgun With EXplosive Air-Release Valve

  Forget amateurish sprinkler valves. Look no further than this type of valve for making airguns or anything where you need the air released explosively. This is my own design inspired by the valve inside an airbrush. This instructable shows…
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