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What is this contest?

Building your own DIY projects can be easy! But, it’s not easy to find the right ones.

You can find on the internet many DIY plans to choose from, but how do you know what are the best free plans with the highest quality step-by-step instructions?

We've built a DIY contest so that everyone can share and rank the best plans they found on the web, or created themselves. The result: you get to see the easiest to understand, highest quality plans to discover and build your next projects in woodworking, your own furniture, green energy, home-steading and more!

Pssst, we also have an amazing woodworking group for people who love to build stuff.

Are you curious? Check it out, it's free to see the winners!
Let’s build together the list of the most amazing projects!

DIY RANKER contest by @methodscollector

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